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Synopsis: Thank You Berty

Berty (Tennyson Cooray), a 40 year old bachelor with the innocence of a teenager, still lives with his widowed mother (Susila Kottega) on her pension fund.

When Berty meets the young and eternally happy Sanda (Nilanthi Dias) a nursery school teacher, who comes from a very rich family, he mistakenly misunderstands her joking interactions with him, and falls madly in love with her. The huge age gap between them makes this a one-sided love affair that only exists in the mind of Berty.

Berty’s best friend Norty (Bandu Samarasinghe), married to Matilda (who wears the pants in the family) and with 12 children, is constantly feeding him with ideas and silly advice on how to make easy money. So when Berty confides in Norty about his love for Sanda, Norty concocts all kinds crazy ideas for Berty to make money and become rich and be accepted by the wealthy family of Sanda, and to propose marriage to her.

Norty leads Berty on a comical romp of crazy ideas to earn money starting with the offer to treat Uncle Harry’s (Ananda Wickramage) daughter (Dilhani Asokamala), who was mentally retarded from a coconut falling on her head, by conducting a traditional “Soke” devil dance to heal her. Uncle Harry who is catholic and an alcoholic only accepts the offer of a Soke after Norty and Berty offers to westernize the traditional devil dance by using pop music and Michael Jackson costumes. Uncle Harry pays them well for the dance even though it does not cure his daughter.

The taste of making this easy money momentarily makes Berty forget about Sanda as they go from one hilariously crazy money-making scheme to the next.

Later when Uncle Harry’s daughter requests a baby brother from Uncle Harry who’s wife had long passed away, he again calls on the services of Norty and Berty. This time they concoct the baby who came from space via a fireball into the jungle and gives the baby, who is Berty, to them. Uncle Harry who is constantly drunk and his daughter who is mentally retarded, do not know any better and is very happy with the rather oversized baby.

It all goes awry when Berty is inadvertently fed his baby bottle full of liquor. While intoxicated he remembers his love for Sanda and has a fight with the daughter who bumps her head on a window-sill and regains her normal mental faculties. When Norty and Berty explain their deceitful acts for making money to Uncle Harry he forgives them because they cured his daughter, and gives them more money.

Cashed up, Norty now talks Berty into hijacking the nursery bus full of children and teachers including Sanda, as his best way to finally make Sanda aware of his love for her.

Will this hilarious, music filled bus, rambling through the jungle chased by the police, finally get him the girl?
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