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They say that birds of a feather get together. Well, some NGO 'peace' birds and makers of so-called peace movies together recently and held a meeting behind closed doors to discuss ways and means of discrediting Thushara Peiris and his anti-LTTE movie 'Prabhakaran.' They allege that this patriotic film is promoting war hysteria (yuda unmadaya). The participants conveniently ignored the fact that every film pro-LTTE elements produced, including 'My daughter the Terrorist.' justified LTTE atrocities and terrorism.

SinhalaNet reliably understands that among the traitors who attended this were Kumar 'International Alert' Rupesinghe, head of the "Foundation for Co-existence" and Asoka Handagama, who revels in making films based on perverse sex themes. (Sometime back when Handagama was questioned by Lakbima reporter Deepthi Fonseka why he was not condemning LTTE crimes, he insulted the journalist with the response: "You are asking a naive question."

It is now known that Sinhala Tiger 'intellectuals,' and 'journalists' like Rohitha Bhashana and Sucharitha Gamlath have also expressed support for this campaign against the anti-LTTE film directed by Pieiris.

This dubious meeting of the "anti-war"crusaders is part of the overall pro-LTTE separatist agenda. It is that while the Tigers make films depicting the 'heroism' of LTTE cadres and distribute such movies worldwide, their Sinhala agents are engaged in making peace films like 'Purahanda Kaluwara,' 'May Paaren Ewith Yanna' and 'Sulanga Enu Pinisa' to show that the Sri Lankan State is waging a wasteful and meaningless war on the Tigers. The objective is to discourage young people from joining the armed forces and to persuade the public not to support the military campaign against the Tigers. All these bogus anti-war movies are fully funded by foreign sponsors of local 'peaceniks.' A couple of them have won foreign awards but they ran at a loss in local cinemas.

Says Thushara Peiris: "I am a person born in this country, grew up on mother's milk and studied under the free education system maintained with public funds. I made Prabhakaran to oppose terrorism. I consider all those speak against this film as traitors who approve terrorism in our country. I appeal to all those who condemn this film to at least stop shouting if they cannot make a anti-terrorist movie."

Another arch Tiger sympathizer, the self-proclaimed Free Media Champion Sunanda Deshapriya came under heavy fire on April 26 during the Isira radio channel's news discussion. Isira is operated by Teleshan Networks Limited (TNL) Piliyandala.

This clown had earlier expressed his opposition in the Rawaya newspaper to adverse comments that Isira made on the character of female LTTE suspects involved in the attack on the Air Force Base at Anuradhapura by saying that these women were prostitutes. But he is the least concerned about the Tiger bus bomb blast that has killed 26 innocent civilians and injured nearly 70 people at Piliyandala last week.

In a hard hitting reply to Deshapriya's absurd comments Isira radio's CEO Hudson Samarasinghe demanded to know from Deshapriya whether he was planning to insure the virginity of LTTE female cadres.

CEO Samarasinghe also drew attention to the recent arrest of three suspected Tigresses in connection with a plot to assassinate President Mahinda Rajapaksa. These women too engaging in the same 'business' since being a sex worker is a good cover for intelligence gathering and getting closer to certain people.

Noting that Deshapriya had so far failed to issue any statement condemning the bus bomb blast at Piliyandala, Samarasinghe attributed the failure perhaps to the fact that there is no payment for him in condemning an LTTE atrocity. The CEO said that his Tiger links were exposed when the LTTE reportedly threatened to abduct the treasurer of his so-called Free Media Movement unless 1500 U.S. dollars were paid to the Tigers. How did the latter know that the FMM was being paid in dollars? Or was part of the money intended for the LTTE too but which the 'free media' champions had pocketed? To cover it up Deshapriya is now trying to give the impression that the demand was made in local currency – Rs. 450,000.

Samarasinghe said that it is better to starve to death than live on blood-stained money and betray the country.

The CEO described Deshapriya as the chief of 'a gang of five' that includes the so-called Free Media Movement, "Martyrs for the Cause of Media Freedom", "Movement for the Protection of LTTE Media" and the "Media Movement to promote Tiger Agenda."

Responding to Deshapriya's claim that Isira was propagating "Sinhala Buddhist Nationalist ideology" the CEO said that the FMM Convener is an idiot unfit to be the head of any media movement.

Both Samarasinghe and TNL Proprietor / ChairmanWickremesinghe scoffed at Deshapriya for saying that the Isira news program was the only program which the proprietor of a radio channel was conducting. So what? If a newspaper like Rawaya can have its editorials and political commentaries written by its owner / Editor Victor Ivan, is there any prohibition for the owner of a broadcasting station to conduct his own programs? They asked.

They reminded Deshapriya how he himself edited a paper (Yukthiya) and also ran a hotel that the police raided following allegations the children were being sold to foreigners there.

The Chairman recalled that sometime back Deshapriya was appealing almost every week to the then TNL News Director Chandana Sooriyabandara to given him an opportunity to participate in the popular Janahanda program. There are tapes to prove it, according to Chairman Wickremesinghe. And now the same Deshapriya is accusing TNL / Isira of being pro-UNP whereas many others were alleging that the station was pro-Government. The fact however is that Isira is not linked to any party but gives broadcast time to all recognized parties since diverse political views prevailed in society.
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