200 Pound Beauty Korean Full Movie Watch Free

Original Title:
Minyeo-neun goerowo

South Korea 2006

Comedy, Romance

Kim Yong-hwa

Kim Ah-jung
Joo Jin-mo
Kim Yong Gun
Seong Dong-il
Im Hyeon-shik
Lee Won-jong
Lee Han-wi
Kim Hyeon-suk
Park No-shik


Han-na (Kim Ah-jung) is blessed with a great singing voice. It's just that, with her overweight body, she is not exactly what korean pop culture is looking for. That's the reason why she sings behind the stage for popstar Ammy. Because of her looks she has a low self-esteem, however, the words of Sang-jun (Joo Jin-mo), Ammy's producer, keep her from losing faith in herself. He doesn't seem to care about her appearance and is just impressed by her singing talent. Han-na falls in love with him, yet it proves to be an unrequited love when she finds out by accident that Sang-jun talks about her looks in a derogative manner, too. For Han-na a world crashes into pieces...
At first, Han-na thinks about suicide, but then she comes to a drastic conclusion. She is going to let herself be completely remodeled by plastic surgery. For one year, she vanishes from the face of the earth, which at the same time means that popstar Ammy has no one to sing her songs anymore, because Ammy herself doesn't strike one single note right.
Han-na then reemerges as Jenny, a slim and beautifully looking woman. She gets an audition at Sang-jun's studio, who for his part is still looking for a replacement for Han-na. Being blown away by her voice Sang-jun is determined to make Jenny the next superstar. Moreover, Jenny has finally the chance to engage into a romantic relationship with Sang-jun. However, Ammy seems to have gotten behind Jenny's little secret and wants to ruin her career before it has even begun to bear any fruits...

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