Clarence Wijewardana Unplugged With Marians Full Show Watch Free

It has been nearly 15 years since the demise of Sri Lanka's greatest composer and Musician, Clarence Wijewardene. Known by many as the "Godfather" of Sri Lankan Pop Music, he touched the hearts of every single passionate music lover who paid attention to his marvelous work.
Clarence Wijewardene was no doubt a legend in the Sinhalese music industry in the 70's.
M Entertainment gives you the opportunity to re-live performances of the 30 greatest Clarence Wijewardene songs of all time, performed by Sri Lankan music industry giants of the today, Marians.

► Sudu Manike ► Maniyani
► Aruna Kirana Sali ► Male Handawe
► Sanda Ek Dinak ► Daasa Piyagath Kala
► Sihina Genena ► Kiri Muhuda Kalambala
► Sihina Lowak ► Mage Viyoven
► Muthu Warusawak ► Raa Tharakavo(Suseema)
► Mage Sathuta ► Namal Aye
► Surangana wes wala ► Maliniye
► Sanda Walawan ► Sanda Paanee Gaman Yanna
► Sanda Gilunath ► Sanakaeliye
► Manamali Siriyavi ► Rahase handana
► Sithe Susum (Suseema) ► Kiri Bilinda
► Gamen Liyumak ► Kumariyak wage
► Kirisudu Sele ► Hada Vile
► Sihinen Oba Mata ► Adareta Kiyana Katha

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